"New and improved version of Forex News Expert v3.4 has been released with added features and functionality, please see the change log for the latest updates at the end of this page."

Money Market's "Forex News Expert" advisor is a revolutionary fully automated robot for currency news trading using a highly sophisticated straddling method.

Forex News Expert is a "set and forget" robot which AUTOMATICALLY downloads the economic calendar, draws the currency news on the chart and trades AUTOMATICALLY without any human supervision. Unlike other robots out there in the market, you do NOT need to manually enter the time and date for trading the news. It is designed and developed for forex traders who want to take all the guess work out of forex trading and trade the economic news releases for easy profit.

Forex News Expert is a product of years of dedication and hard work from its programmers and traders who are pivotal for its existence. This expert advisor has proved to be a very profitable and a "must have" in forex arsenal of any trader to make consistent profit out of forex trading.

\ What is Forex News Expert?

Forex News Expert is an expert advisor for MT4 software which enters two pending orders: a BUYSTOP and a SELLSTOP just before a major economic news release, as soon as one of the two order gets executed, it cancels the other pending order to take advantage of sudden swing created by the news release for a currency pair.

Forex News Expert automatically selects a currency pair based on its current trade volume to lock maximum profit with a news release. It employs a very advanced Money Management technique which can risk a fixed amount of available balance along with fixed or variable Stop Loss method.
All these settings can be adjusted with easy to use parameters of the robot.

Along with premium version, we also have "Forex News Expert - Manual" that we decided to give away for FREE to our registered users. It can be used for manually trading the upcoming economic events. Unlike premium "Forex News Expert", you would have to manually choose the currency and the time of the news from the chart and enter it in the robot's setting to place the order.
You can download your copy of manual version from our Download section after registering to our website.

\ Risk free?

Forex news trading is considered to be a risk free method of making profit from the highly liquid forex market.

Any type of trading or investment consists of various types of risks and forex trading is not an exception.
Choosing a right non-dealing desk forex broker is crucial for currency trading and almost 90% of the risk involved around forex news trading can be mitigated by choosing an electronic communications network (ECN) broker. ECN brokers provide currency prices with very tight spread which is crucial for this type of trading.

On top of this, our software gives a RISK FREE way of testing and proving the system by BACK TESTING and FORWARD TESTING the software on any demo forex account. This means that a trader does not need to risk any real money (unlike other expert advisors) for testing the system.

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\ Performance graph from 2011 to 2014


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\ Features

  • Automatic economic calendar download - The currency calendar with all the economic events releases for a week is automatically downloaded by the robot. No human intervention required!
  • Automatic currency selection - This is done by first selecting the right currency for which the news is to be released, then choosing the best pair based on its current trading volume to put a straddle on. All of it is done automatically, without any human intervention!
  • Fully testable - Forex News Expert can be fully backward tested by using Strategy testing mechanism of MT4 terminal, also, it can be further tested by putting it on risk free demo account for forward testing which proves to be more accurate and trustworthy.
  • Money Management - Money Management mechanism of Forex News Expert is highly efficient in managing the risk exposed by every straddle. It automatically finds the right amount of available balance to risk on each straddle based on the user setting.
  • Low start-up cost - Unlike other forex trading strategies, news trading requires pretty low start-up cost. You are always in control with what each order is going to risk in trading and hence any amount as start-up balance can be used with the robot. Author suggests to start up with $500 to gain some considerable profit from each trade.
  • Profit Protection - Along with Money Management, Forex News Expert also has a Profit Protection mechanism which gets triggered as soon as the trade moves into profit. This done by using a moving stop loss to secure any profits achieved by any open trade.
  • Market Independent - Forex News Expert can make money in any market condition, that is the beauty of fundamental forex trading. As the straddle picks up the spike in either up or down direction, it doesn't matter which side the market is moving for the chosen currency.
  • About the authors – The team responsible for designing and developing the robot consists of various people from different financial trading and programming background having years of forex trading and programming experience.
The robot is always thriving and improved to make it more feature rich and profitable by the authors. All the new and improved future versions of the robot will be FREE for our customers.
Creators of Forex News Expert are always open for any suggestions or change requests by customers and offer LIFETIME support for the robot.
Any change requests can be made by contacting the authors directly through Contact Us form.

\ How To Buy?

You can buy Forex News Expert with one time cost of $49.99, which comes with “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” “30 DAYS” money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can request for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. This gives the user peace of mind and sometime to play around the robot to build up the confidence to enter into the forex market.
We are confident enough about our product and hence can afford to give such a liberty to our users.

Each purchase will allow you to use it on 1 live account and unlimited number of demo accounts. You can test and reassure yourself for as long as you want before putting your hard earned money into real trading.

Forex News Expert can be bought as a guest user or as a registered user of the website. We would recommend to register on the website after buying the robot as it enables us to track the licensing and purchase information of our users.
  • Users can buy Forex News Expert by simply entering their email id in the box under "Click To Buy!” and clicking the “Buy Now” button, this action will take the buyer to the Pay pal’s payment gateway where you can choose any preferable payment method to pay towards the robot and complete the purchase.

Once the payment is made and confirmed, if a purchase is made as GUEST user, a mail with the download link will be sent to the user. This will be sent to the email address which was used during the purchase of the product. User can click on the link to download the robot and install it in their choice of MT4 terminal.
If a purchase is made by a registered user of our website, then the robot can be downloaded either by clicking the link in the download email sent to the user or through the Download section of the website. This is a preferred way of making a purchase as this will allow the user to easily manage their account and see their purchase history.

The step-by-step guide to install the robot can be found at Installation page of this website. Also, please refer to Settings page for detailed description of Forex News Expert's properties settings.

\ Need help?

For more information:
  • Get in touch with the us by filling in the Contact Us form.

\ Change Log

Forex News Expert v3.4

  • News Release Time: Now you can see the news releases represented in your local time. No need to associate you local time with GMT.
  • Trade Expiration: Now there is a setting where you can put if you need an executed trade to be closed after certain period of time. This is useful if you do not want to get caught up in the after news spike fluctuations and want to close the trade irrespective of the outcome after certain period of time.
  • Max Spread: You can now also control the maximum spread on which you wish to let a trade execute. This is crucial to protect your trades against spread widening during news releases.
  • Faster Back Testing: Back Testing through Strategy tester is now much more faster than the previous versions.
  • Compatibility with MT4 670: Latest build of MT4(670) is packed with a lot of new features and we have tried to implement as many as we could with this version of the EA.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Forex News Expert v3.2

  • Now shows Time remaining for next news release.
  • Minor bug fixes

Forex News Expert v3.1

  • Now compatible with MT4 Build 600(Newest MT4 platform)
  • Minor bug fixes

Forex News Expert v3

  • News importance filter: It gives more control over choosing the right event to trade based on its impact on the market..
  • Manual currency selection: It gives the user the ability to manually choose a currency pair for trading should a user wish to trade a specific currency for the upcoming release.
  • ATR percent: The ATRPercent gives the user an ability to use a certain value of ATR denoted by percent to be used as the gap between the straddle and the current price. Previously it was set to 50%.
  • TimeBeforeNews: The time in seconds mentioned in this setting will be used as time to enter the straddle before the release.
  • Minor bug fixes

Our existing customers can go to the Settings page to learn more about these new features.


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